Submission: Why did I choose to animate these 2 pages?

For this term’s pilot material submission, we are supposed to submit 2 web pages. These two pages are supposed to serve as a snippet into the navigation and narrative of my final website. Thus, I have been working on completely finishing these two pages and also creating mock-up plans for the other pages of my website.

I think these two pages are the most appropriate choice for this submission because they are basically the main focus of attraction to my website. By introducing the concepts of the quiz, these two pages capture the attention of the viewers while at the same time intriguing the users enough for them to want to see what the quiz is actually like.

These pages are the first thing that my users will see in my final website and since my target audience is people in the Generation X, their general interest in a website is based on the first impression that they get because they have a ‘short attention span’ (Djamasbi, Siegel and Tullis, 2010, p.310). This is further reinforced by a statement that ‘even major usability flaws on a website can be overlooked based on an extremely positive first impression’ (Djamasbi, Siegel and Tullis, 2010, p.308). This accentuates the fact that the initial two pages are vital as they determine whether my target audience will remain on my website. Moreover, ‘there is evidence that the visual appeal of the homepage may be particularly important to Generation Y’ ((Djamasbi, Siegel and Tullis, 2010, p.309). This once again reinforces the importance of these two pages and also acts as a supportive statement to why I chose these particular pages.

The reasoning behind my selection of these two pages could also be explained in terms of presenting a possible project to a board of directors or buyers in a creative industry. If I was going to present my project, I would only provide a snippet of the project itself and I would use the pages that introduce my idea, pages that have the most visually interesting qualities in order to capture the attention of the viewers by making them interested in what the website will be about.

UPDATE: I have decided that I will also include 2 mock-up pages on in the pilot project submission to provide a stronger sense of narrative of the website.


Djamasbi, S., Siegel, M. and Tullis, T. (2010). Generation Y, web design, and eye tracking. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 68(5), pp.307-323.


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