Home Page Animation- Font


So far, throughout the visual and conceptual development of the website, I was playing around with various different fonts but I haven’t really made a consistent final choice. I mostly discussed what the text will say rather then what it will look like.  I thus decided to make a separate post where I explore the two prevalent fonts that I have considered including in my website. Initially I used a font that I have previously downloaded online called basic title font. I have used it throughout all the experimentations of my website because I liked how it looked visually and I think it complemented the vintage-like aesthetics of my website. However, when I started thinking about the significance of this font, I realized that I should use a font that has a more conceptual significance in relation to my theme. Thus, I started doing research and found out that the font Arial is ranked as font number one as it is used the most online. Additionally, according to the statistic below, this font is used on 604,158 sites! This means that it is the font that my target audience is used to seeing the most online. I thought that using this font could act as a reinforcement of the persuasion quality of my website because it will simulate their experience on a ‘trusted’ site such as google.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 11.53.42 PM.png

Source of Statistic and Information:




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