Visit to Tate Modern Museum

This weekend we decided to go to London and visit the Tate Modern Museum in hopes that we will find some inspiration for our project in order to make it more critical both visually and theoretically. The pictures below are some of the pictures that I took at the museum. I was specifically interested in the ‘media networks’ section at the museum which looked at some of the ways in which artists responded to the impact of mass media and the changing technologies that shape our world.


Work that related to my project:

Sue Williamson –

The above images were created by Sue Williamson. Each central image was photo-etched with additional elements rendered in hard-ground etching, aquatint or hand-drawing. Additionally, a decorative colored border surrounds each portrait. These images reminded me aesthetically of my project as they have a collage-like look. They also incorporate a similar color palette to the one that I have been experimenting with a myself which is something that I was happy about as I really liked how these colors worked together.  Williamson used old photographs along with colored elements around the images, these elements gave them a completely new appeal which I think worked successfully in this context. Rather then just evoking nostalgic feelings of the past, she managed to make them look modern and relevant once again. I am very happy that I saw these collaged images and I think these will be beneficial when i’m finalizing all the elements on my website. Maybe ill even try and incorporate some of the above colors that I haven’t used yet?

Hito Steyerl –


This installation is titled – How Not to Be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educational .MOV File 2013 which according to the description, borrows the format of an instructional video. It explores today’s ‘world made of pictures’ and how and why we might hide within it. Additionally, the narration of this installation gives strategic advice on how to become invisible. Her work addresses recent developments in the way digital images are created, shared and archived. Even though her work mainly refers to the disappearance of political radicals, I think that it could relate to my website as the concept of not being seen could be applied to a way to avoid oversharing data online. Just like her project, my own project in the future could also have educational qualities that teach people how to avoid sharing data online and thus, how to avoid being targeted by advertising agencies.This will then help people feel liberated in an oppressive environment. Additionally, the description said that her work balances criticism and humour which correlates exactly with the approach that I have been wanting to implement into my websitete. I think humor is a good tool to implement as it captures the attention of the users to a greater extent. Thus, just like there were people watching this video who’s attention was captured by the humour factor, my website will use a similar tactic to achieve a similar goal.


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