Lecture: Lance Dann


Lance Dann is a writer, radio producer, sound designer and academic. During his lecture he was talking about a commissioned, transmedia project that he has been working on called Bleeding Edge. It will be a thriller concerned with the commodification of blood, an examination of how blood is a product that bought and sold and subject to market forces across the world. It is also going to address a range of experimental developments in blood science, including research synthetic blood.

The part that stood out to me the most in this lecture was when Dann was talking about tactics on how to stay focused and create a successful project. He said that the first key to success is to be realistic and positive. This is something that I can resonate with as throughout this term I have been going through so many different emotions in relation to my project. Throughout the first few weeks I was panicking and I was constantly worried about how what research to look at and what aesthetics would inspire my project as well as whether I have the skills to realize my plans. However, throughout this process I realized that it is important to stay positive, and that doing research and experimentation will eventually get me to the desired path. At the same time, I have learned that being realistic is also important as in the beginning, I was planning on using sound in my website. However, I didn’t have the skills or the timeframe to learn how to use sound-related programs and I eventually understood that instead of learning something completely new, it will be more beneficial to use the skill that I already have and improve them. Thus, I decided to use more, and higher quality animation in my project instead of implementing sound.

Additionally, Dann highlighted the importance of having a personal focus and stated that it is important to work in 50 minute sessions, while taking short breaks in between each session. Moreover, he stressed that there shouldn’t be any distractions around you such as phones. Thus, in order to be productive, it is important to shut out the world while you work. This advise couldn’t have come at a better time as we have been approaching the deadline and I have been working extra hard to make sure my project is heading in the right direction in order to meet these deadlines and submit my project. I think this next few weeks are the most important as I will be creating and finalizing all the elements for the submission and I think that using his tactic of working in 50 minute intervals will help me be the most productive that I can be and I hope that this will also keep me sane during these next few weeks. I think the lecture was beneficial as it allowed me to reflect on my working process so far which I think will help me be more productive.


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