Visual Inspiration for Last Page

In the ‘website plan and structure’ post I explained that when the user gets to the last page, there will be a visual animation of data being dispersed all around the page. I thought that this will serve as a reality check  because the user will realize that they have just shared personal information on an unverified website and now they have no knowledge of where their information has gone or who has access to it. Thus, I decided to find some inspiration in hope that one of these examples could help me visualize this loss of data.

Inspiration 1:

This is work created by Tatiana Plakhova, who has created  works of art centered around data visualization. The images seem like the boundary where technology crosses over into fantasy and science into magic. They’re not quite fractals, yet they are characterized by a similar kind of repetition and patterning. At first the data points appear as noise, but this noise is the origin of the patterns in the first place. I thought it was interesting to look at data visualization for realizing this aspect of the website. I think her work is relevant in terms of aesthetics as I could implement something similar into my website.

Inspiration 2:


This example portrays data in a completely different way. I really liked the fact that the data appears to be visualized through lines. This could be relevant aesthetically because I have been working on implementing lines into the general aesthetic of my website. Thus, I think that this was a good example and I will definitely try experimenting with this type of aesthetics.

Inspiration 3:

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 9.43.27 PM.png

This website has a similar aesthetic to the website above which was mentioned earlier. However, instead of lines, this website portrays flakes that could also be used in relation to data visualization. This could also be an interesting visual method to experiment with. I could use the same method of creating a visual effect of data being dispersed.

Inspiration 4:

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 9.44.11 PM.png

This website has a section  with circles in which these little particles are constantly moving. I think this could also be useful for the creation of data visualization. I think I could even create this is Photoshop as a gif in order for it to play on a loop, thus simulating constant movement and therefore, constant stream of information being lost or being sent somewhere.


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