Landing Page Experiments Continued

Once I finished the main animation on the landing page, I then needed to create a button that the users could click on in order to proceed to the Home Page. I was wondering what the text on the button should be, I was thinking maybe using words like ‘Start’ ‘Click Here’ ‘Begin’…etc, however luckily on this day I noticed a Suggested Post on my Facebook which promoted taking a ‘What’s Your Travel Style’ Test. Interestingly enough, this post was probably suggested to me because I have been researching various personality quizzes on google. After the test, the website also suggested that I could buy various travel accessories. This shows that the data that we share on one platform on the internet is used to target us individually on another platform. This serves as an exact demonstration of the themes that I have been researching in relation to how our data is being used to then target our identity as a consumer and persuade us to purchase something.

One thing that I thought was useful from this quiz was when I clicked on it, it took me to their main website and in order to take the test I had to click the ‘Lets Play’ button. I really liked how that sounded and I thought that it goes perfectly well with my game inspired website. I thus decided to incorporate that into my website.

I then began playing around with different fonts in order to see how each would look in relation to the overall aesthetics of the page. I played around with having a cream colored rectangle around the letters. In the end though, I decided to make the button fairly simple and also decided to leave out the rectangle shape. I also decided that the best way to create this button was to make it a gif on photoshop and set it to appear after 4 seconds in order to make sure that it appears after the animation is assembled and the whole title is revealed. Another reason for using a gif over making a timed animation on Adobe Edge was due to the fact that a gif could be imported into Muse and in Muse, I could add interactivity to it by making it clickable, which also allowed me to set its path to the Home Page when clicked. Muse doesn’t allow Adobe Edge animations to be given a link to other pages when clicked so I think it was good that I managed to find away to make a simple gif and still achieve my aesthetic goals.


This is what the final page is going to look like. I am very happy with the way it turned out overall. It took a while to get to this stage but I think it was all worth it because I can definitely say that I learned a lot and I can now use these Adobe Programs with more efficiency and more confidence.

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 2.00.04 AM.png


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