Home Page Animation

After experimenting with various types of animation that I wanted to include in my home page such as animating the lines, I finally settled on creating an animation where the two figures slide into the page from separate directions. I created the animation in Adobe Edge.

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 5.08.33 PM.png

I think this creates a more dramatic impact on the audience and draws their attention to the two figures from the moment that they get onto the page and since these figures are central to my concept, I thought that this was the best choice for my website.


This is what the final home page is going to look like. I think that since I have created this particular animation, I can now proceed with creating the rest of the animations on this page. I really wanted to simulate a conversation between the figures and the user, i think this will reinforce a game-like quality of the website and also serve as a source of attention-attraction for the user as the conversation will keep them entertained. Thus, I think that I need to find a way to successfully use the animated text as a simulation of the way people’s identities are constantly persuaded online.

I think this is what the conversation will be:




Red Figure: LET’S SEE..

I think this is the text that I will use for the pilot project submission because it incorporates both humor and an association with the user by appealing to their sense of self. This is done by using words like ‘you’. Additionally, I think as the project develops some of this text might be altered.

Additionally, I wanted to point out that based on some of the ‘puppet’-like aesthetics that I was exploring earlier, I also want to explore with animating separate body parts of the figures next term. For example, once the figures slide into the frame and the text finishes playing, there will be buttons that the user will click which will make their hand or leg move. This will be implemented in order to further add to the effect that identities are being manipulated online, just like puppets.


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