Experimentation: Home Page

Experimenting with the colors of the lines:

After the previous experiments and realization that the lines seemed too distracting for the page, I decided to try and experiment with changing the colors of the lines so that they have a more subtle effect on the viewer while simultaneously, allow the central images to be more visually striking.

Experimenting with the width and colors of the lines:


After experimenting with the colors of the lines, I decided to also try and change the size of the lines themselves. I think by making the lines thinner and adding more of them, makes the lines seem less apparent which could serve to my advantage because the could be a subtle hint to the user who will not be aware exactly of the background but by being there, they still subconsciously notice it.

This change of color and size of the lines, makes the page seem less busy and distracting and simultaneously, brings the attention and the focus of the user on the main figures that will be animated.

Experimenting with the colors of the figures:

Even though I was very happy with the way the two figures fit into the aesthetics of the page, I decided it’ll be interesting to experiment and try to change the colors of their suits. I played around with some funky colors even thought I knew that if I actually decided to change the colors of their suit for my final page, I would have to think carefully about the color palette as well as the precision of the Hue and Saturation change. However, since I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this in my final page, I decided to have fun with it and experiment with different colors. I think by looking at the experiments now, I can say that the colors that I have chosen previously are the most visually appropriate.

I think these experiments were really useful as through actually doing these experiments, I paid more attention to detail within the page and I managed to test out the best way to articulate the most appropriate visual effect on the users.


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