Animation Experiments

After experimenting with the animation in terms of moving lines on the home page, I decided to also try and experiment with moving the actual people within the page, maybe this way I could avoid the page being too overwhelming and instead draw the focus on the puppets by animating them? I decided to print them out instead of doing the animation on the computer because I thought that this will give me a visual idea of how a certain type of animation will look without going through the tedious process of creating it on Adobe Edge or Adobe Animate and will also allow me to physically interact with the website that im about to create. I printed the images out in black and white because my printer only prints in black and white so I decided to improvise and colored the puppets to make them stand out.

This is what I started with:


Trial 1: I initially thought that I wanted to create a seamless animation of the two people sliding into the page as soon as the user clicks on the page. I have made the images that I have taken into a Gif in order to have an idea of how this would look. I also wanted to simulate a part of the conversation that these images will have with the viewer.


Trial 2: After doing the first trial I had an idea that maybe instead of seamlessly sliding in, the ‘puppets’ could be slowly sliding in with ropes attached to them, thus intensifying the aesthetic of a stage. This will maybe make the user more aware of the fact that the medium such as the internet is actually all assembled together for a reason. Graphics and websites online all have a purpose and that purpose could easily be aiming at obtaining personal data.


Trial 3: In this trial I have tried a similar approach with the strings attached to the characters but instead of them sliding in together from the right, I tried having them come in from different sides.




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