Strategies of interactive art: Ryszard W. Kluszczynski

  • Quote 1: ‘Regardless of what shape the final product of an artist’s activity takes on, an interactive artwork finds its final formation only as a result of participative behavior of the viewers. The latter ones in that way become participants, per- formers, executors, or (co)creators of an artwork-event’ (Kluszczynski, 2010, p.1).

This quote highlights the importance of the target user in relation to the interactive website. This is because, the users are the most significant part of the work as they are the ones that need to interact with the project itself so they become a vital part in its final stages of development. I think that this quote made me realize that my website will only be considered completed when I actually have users interact with it, only then will I know whether all the parts that Ive created actually create a desired impact. The audience here decides how the work is going to be interpreted and whether it will be successful.

  • Quote 2: ‘Strategy of Game organizes events each time becoming a work of art evolving around interaction itself’ (Kluszczynski, 2010, p.7).

I chose this quote because i thought it was relevant to my interactive website as I am simulating a game-like journey for the user. According to Kluszczynski,the strategy of the game is significant as it forms around the interaction itself, making interaction the key element for attracting the user and portraying the desired message successfully. This made me aware of the significant of interaction within my own website and I will try to really build my website with an emphasis on interaction.

  • Quote 3:Firstly, they are of metadiscursive character, they draw the attention of the users not only toward the tasks that are outlined, but also toward the interaction’s course, its architecture, relations between the game’s structure and its properties, and also the other discourses included in the event. Secondly, they introduce other strands into the game itself, which make the game a method of undertaking issues different than the game itself, issues that are not directly connected with the game'(Kluszczynski, 2010, p.8).

This quote directly correlates to what I have been wanting to research. Kluszczynski says that the game strategy allows the users to be more attentive to the properties of the website such as the animation and the different visual characters, the flow that a game-like website offers actually makes the user pay more attention to these elements. Additionally, the part that I found the most significant in this quote is the part that states that when you incorporate discreet symbols/images into the game-like journey, you could eventually bring up issues that are not directly presented in the game/ or are not as apparent in the game. I think I can apply this to my website because the main goal of it is to attract people’s attention and gain their trust through the incorporation of humor while at the same time implementing subtle hints towards the unsafety of sharing information/data online and eventually actually make the user aware of this issue. There will thus be a contrast between the result that the user is expecting and the result that he/she actually gets in the end.


Kluszczynski, R. (2010). Strategies of interactive art. Journal of Aesthetics & Culture, 2, pp.1-27.


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