Why did I choose this medium?

When we looked at the installation art this term, I was shocked by the cost of that piece  and I definitely became aware of the fact that an interactive website is more cost efficient.

I believe that the website is the right form to articulate my topic because first and foremost, an Interactive website can reach a larger audience. Audience here plays a vital role in this as the web enables me to reach a completely different audience. Thus, it’s not just the 16 people who will come to a show at random, but its actually a way of inserting visibility to my issue and targeting a specific audience by intervening into their routine of oversharing information online. This intervention disrupts their typical network in some way and challenges their routine and habit of sharing data.

According to Olia Lialina, who was mentioned by Katrina Sluis in her lecture, she works with creating gifs online because there she could have a specific audience and have a direct access to and relationship with the audience without having to please any cultural institutions or curators. Through this I realized that the web is successful as a space for distributing my work because that way I dont even have to think about dealing with issues of institutions and curators in the future.  I managed to avoid the politics of all of this through this method.

However, most of all I think that since my project deals with the ‘digital issue’ of trusting this medium and not thinking or not being aware of the fact that that the digital space actually holds a material space. All the information that one shares is actually stored on a server somewhere and that information is being used to create an identity out of you. Thus, issues of oversharing on the Internet have become very critical and in need of being addressed more. Therefore, actually creating a website that addresses these issue is relevant on the web as it acts as a way to reach the specific audience and at the same time, act as as a way to educate these users. Additionally, since my website is educational, and ‘websites can provide rich learning resources’ (He, Zhang and Yu, 2008, p.3), I  think that I have chosen the right medium to articulate this.


He, M., Zhang, Y. and Yu, W. (2008). Research on Learning Resource Design under the Environment of Network. 2008 Seventh International Conference on Web-based Learning.


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