Users/ Target Audience

My website will target people within the Generation Y group, also known as Millennials, who were born between about 1980 and 2000. Therefore, they are people aged 18-31. This demographic was chosen due to its distinction of being ‘the first generations to have technology and the internet from a very early age’ (Djamasbi, Siegel and Tullis, 2010, p.309). This makes them a unique target audience as they are shaped by technology. However, their relationship with technology puts them at a higher risk then other people. This is due to the fact that ‘their wide and prevalent use of the internet, combined with their distinct position of growing up exposed to advanced technology, makes Generation Y a unique target for companies’ (Djamasbi, Siegel and Tullis, 2010, p.309). They are thus the most exposed to being targeted by advertising companies and will thus be the most targeted for personal information. This makes them the most likely to give away personal data through the persuasion tactics implemented by these companies. Additionally, this target audience was chosen because of their prevalent belief in ‘individualism’ (Djamasbi, Siegel and Tullis, 2010, p.321). They will thus be the most interested in taking a personality test to help them reveal their true self-identity .


Djamasbi, S., Siegel, M. and Tullis, T. (2010). Generation Y, web design, and eye tracking. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 68(5), pp.307-323.


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