Visual Inspiration: Use of Lines


Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 11.38.11 AM.png

I found this website that continuously incorporates lines in it’s visual design. The letters pictured above are animated in the first page. As soon as I saw this website I knew that I wanted to incorporate lines into my website. I could create a website in which each page contains lines of different shapes and sizes and animate them. This will give an illusion of the website assembling right in front of the viewer which makes them more aware of the medium itself. Thus, I think this aesthetic approach is relevant to my project because if I want the users to be more aware of the data that they share online, then they should be more aware of the medium itself.This is relevant to my previous research that mentioned the fact that the Internet remains a mystery to the users which then doesn’t allow them to be critical of it as they don’t understand it. And I think having the website assemble through these lines is the perfect way to do this! I had trouble imagining how to portray this visually but I think I found a way to do that. I really want to start experimenting in order to see what this could look like.



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