Lecture Inspired Trials

Erica Scourti said that there is an intimacy between people and the computers that they use. Specifically, people do not mind their computer knowing about their search history which is definitely something intimate and something we wouldn’t want to share with other people. Thus, a computer is seen as something that generates trust.

I kept thinking about how I would want to draw my audience into my website. In my pitch I thought I could create a landing page and put a person with ‘You deserve to be seen’ words around them. I initially thought that that would capture people’s attention and act as a persuasion slogan that will make people share their data as they go through my website. However, after Erica’s lecture I think maybe I could approach it in a different way and since she mentioned that people trust their computers more with things like their search histories, I thought that I could put a computer screen as the landing page and have the users click on the messages that appear on it’s screen. The use of humor in the messages will make the person want to click more and this could maybe act as a part that will grab the users’ attention and make them want to proceed further into my website.

Below are images of my trials using the computer as a focus point. I used Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Muse to play around with this concept in order to see how I could portray it visually in a website. The images of the colored screen were trials for the landing page while the images with the social media icons around it were trials for a possible homepage.

Inspiration 1: http://hotdot.pro/#bilet2u

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 9.26.17 PM.png

The homepage trials were influenced by this website that I found online which I really liked. I liked the way it looked visually and especially loved the effects used on the pages. The above screenshot shows social media icons floating around a creature in the middle. I liked the fact that all of the icons are in different sizes as well as the fact that some icons are blurred out while some are in focus. This creates a sense of dimension and gave it a 3D effect which made me feel like I lost touch with my reality and I was part of this new reality that the website was portraying. This is a really strong effect to use and I really want to incorporate that effect into my website. This is why I have tried a similar approach with the trials shown above.

Inspiration 2:  Website Design by Alberto Conti (https://www.behance.net/gallery/15423833/Ortoromi)

This website has a similar effect to the one mentioned above. Once again I really want to try and incorporate that into my own website as I think that it gives a very visually pleasing effect and when combined with a critical concept, it could create a more significant and dramatic impact on the audience as they will feel like they are part of this reality.


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