Visual Research: Game-inspired design

Inspiration 1:

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 9.50.57 PM.png

The website above is very well designed visually. I think that their use of colors was very successful as the dark backdrop and the very bright colors of the images and font makes the website appear more captivating. It definitely makes me want to explore the website more. I think the font that they have used is a little retro and reminds me of a vintage game or something similar to that. I think I could incorporate either the font or the use of this contrast in  colors into my own website.

Inspiration 2:

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 9.53.18 PM.png

I picked this website because I really liked the combination of these colors. They’re all different yet somehow they seem to work really well together. I think looking at the combination of these colors is very visually pleasing. I might try using some of  these colors for my website.

Inspiration 3:

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 9.55.36 PM.png

This website is actually a game in which these faces fly up and you have to shoot them. The website grabbed my attention instantly and I actually played the whole game which I think shows that it was quite successful! The website has a collage-inspired feel because it looks like these status are cutouts from magazines or something like that. The colors they used work really well together too. I think overall, I am very happy that I found this website as I do feel like I could include similar cutouts of people on my website which will create a vintage effect and thus add a visual element that can become a game.

Inspiration 4:


This work has the most game-like aesthetics out of all of the above examples. When looking at the interactive images created by Florent Hauchard, I really get the sense that I am actually there, participating in his game. I think that the movement created within this work captured my own attention which shows that it can capture the attention of the users at a greater extent then normal still images. I think his work also captures some aspect of the concept of identity that I have been exploring earlier. It looks like these personas are being controlled by the like or dislike buttons which can relate to concept of identity control. I think this work made me aware of the vital role that interaction and movement plays in the engagement of the audience and I will therefore try to implement that into my own project.


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