Website Plan and Structure

As discussed earlier, my website will address the topic of Identity and Data. I will thus be creating a website that will allow a user to go through a ‘journey’. This will be done by creating a quiz, the aim of which will be to persuade the users to give more and more information/data about themselves as they answers questions in each step of the quiz.

The website will incorporate game-like visuals and colors to grab people’s attention and make their experience seem ‘fun’ so they would want to continue further along my website. Each page will thus ask the user to answer a certain basic question such as ‘What is your nickname?’ and ‘What is your gender?’. Initially these questions will appear very basic and harmless so the user will not mind sharing this information. However, the further that they progress, the more personal these questions will be. I think that when the questions get more personal people will want to find out what their result is, especially since they have already spent a significant amount of time on the website, they will thus proceed with answering the questions.

Once they reach the final question they will get to a page that will say ‘Something went wrong. Your information was lost. Please try again’. There will be a visual animation of data being dispersed all around the page. This will serve as a reality check because the user will realize that they have just shared a lot of information on an unverified website and they dont know where it has now gone and who has access to it. I think this will allow them to think about the issues of security. There will also be a button or something like that which will appear with a statistic such as ’80 percent of people share information online without thinking’ which will act as a source of education for the user.


Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 10.58.41 PM.png

This is a very rough plan of how the pages within the website. Even though I have only displayed 3 quiz questions above, I will actually have around 6-10 questions in my final project next term.

These are the potential questions that I thought my quiz could be based on:

  • How digitally integrated are you?
  • Do you belong in the digital world?
  • Are you digital enough?
  • How significant are you online?
  • Can we guess who you are based on just 8 questions?
  • How digital are you?

I created these questions when I was brainstorming all the possible questions that I could ask through my website. I definitely want the question to have the word ‘you’ in it as i think this will be the perfect way to appeal to the users’ sense of self. I think after creating this list of potential questions and asking people in my class as well as my friends, one question stood out the most which is ‘How digital are you?’ . I think it perfectly incorporates the concepts that I have been exploring so far and it is interesting enough to attract people’s attention.


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