‘Beyond the Bias- Reshaping Image’



I have also attended the Brighton Photo Biennale exhibition. The work that was exhibited there was mainly centered around the concept of exposing the reality and portraying transgender people that are ‘unapologetic’ towards showing who they are. Most of the photographs had a rawness effect to them, which made the subjects portrayed in the photos seem very authentic and real. I however didn’t find any similarities with my own project both conceptually and aesthetically as my project deals with controlling identity and oversharing data online. Thus, I thought that the photographs didn’t really inspire anything in the making of my own project. However, I did capture one particular photograph that really stood out to me. It was a photograph of a young man and I think that when you look directly at his face, he seems very exposed and real which aesthetically goes directly against my project that will portray people with a covered or blurred face. This was significant because I thought it was interesting to see a completely different effect with a similar emphasis on the face.


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