Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Today I attended the Brighton Art Gallery as there was an exhibition of various Greek and Cypriot artists. The artist that grabbed my attention was Souzana Petri, who created the vase sculptures pictured above. I think that based on all the research that I have done on identity and concealment of the human face made me more aware of the expression of these concepts in relation to other people’s work. Thus, I immediately noticed Souzana’s work and identified the aesthetic similarities that her work has to the concepts that I have been exploring in relation to my own project. The fact that she uses a  different medium to portray these aesthetics than my website-based project really interested me as it provided more research into how these aesthetics could be represented in different way.

Despite the fact that she used these similar concepts of covering the facial features in a different context, I think it was still relevant to my own project. Additionally, the fact that I was able to actually see and touch the work, made me visualize how my project could look and it also made me realize that I am ready to start experimenting and creating my project. Overall, I think her work inspired me to use more 3D-like animations in my website so that when the audience interacts with my website, it seems like the objects in my animation could be touched.


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