Lecture: Joanna Berrigan

Today our lecturer was Joanna Berrigan who’s worked as an Assistant Director and then a Director. She mentioned that she usually works away from the mainstream. In other words, she tends to pursue projects that are less conventional and usually have a lower budget then mainstream projects. The thing that stood out to me the most was when she said that she views ‘news as production rather then a source of information’. I have never thought of viewing news reports as something beyond that because I feel like the content that they produce is too distracting to really think about the script of the reporters and how this whole news production actually performed and realized. I guess with this perspective I can now start considering how everything we see in our lives as something that has been put together in a form of a ‘play’. I have definitely become more aware of the production that goes into everything we see.

Overall I feel like her work had no significant similarities to my own project. Her work was specifically about building relationships and choosing people for roles and she mainly spoke about how to pick the right actors. Since my work will be created in a form of a website, there wont be any need for real life actors to participate in my project. The only human involvement with my project will be in a form of getting authentic feedback from people on my my actual website as well as the users that will interact with the website after. These will all display authentic reactions towards my project and thus there will be no need for them to be good actors.  One thing I could comment on that was slightly relevant was when she emphasized the importance of lighting on the set. She said that lights could made every scene look different. Similarly, I could apply this to the creation of a website, in which the shades of colors (lights and darks) could impact the way the user feels about a particular page on the website. Thus, the use of lights and dark colors need to be considered thoroughly as they could have a direct impact on the way the target user perceives the message that a page is trying to portray.


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