• Quote 1:Representation is the process by which members of a culture use language (broadly defined as any system which deploys signs, any signifying system) to produce meaning. Already, this definition carries the important premise that things – objects, people, events in the world – do not have in themselves any fixed, final or true meaning. It is us – in society, within human cultures – who make things mean, who signify’ (Hall, 1997, p.45).

This quote suggests that representation uses symbols to create a meaning. He also says that everything around us doing have a predetermined meaning, but rather we give these things meanings or connotations. I thought this quote is relevant to my project because  if I think about it, the different parts that I will use for my project such as images and shapes, they wont actually have the same meaning by themselves but only when combined, they form something that is directly relevant to my theme. Thus, I think it is interesting to think that by creating this interacting website, I will be combining different objects in order to produce something unique. I will therefore have the power to signify a meaning onto different pages which is actually exciting to think about.

  • Quote 2: Producing meaning depends on the practice of interpretation, and interpretation is sustained by us actively using the code – encoding, putting things into the code – and by the person at the other end interpreting or decoding the meaning’ (Hall, 1997, p.45).

This quote directly relates to what I was discussing earlier. The meanings that I will place onto objects that I use on my website will be viewed by a specific target audience who will then interpret this in relation to themselves through decoding. I find this cycle to be very interesting as it accentuates how meaning is created and interpreted. I think this will be relevant when I start creating my website as I will be more aware of how I am placing objects on the pages and what meaning I’m trying to produce and how that could be interpreted by the audience.


Hall, S. (1997). Representation: Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices. 1st ed. London: Sage in association with the Open University.


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