Big Bang Data

After exploring the Persona Non Data installation and relating it to my project, I decided to also discuss the exhibition at the Somerset House called Big Bang Data, which is a major exhibition about the big data explosion of the 21st century, which is radically transforming our lives. The works at this exhibition follow the origins of data, reveal its industrial infrastructure, visualise hotly discussed data sets, from migration patterns and artificial intelligence to the global population of cats and trends in selfies, and consider the advantages and dangers of data in our modern-day society.

The exhibition tries to emphasize the fact that the world contains an unimaginably vast amount of data which is getting ever bigger, ever more quickly. We are all endlessly producing and releasing data, whether passively as our daily lives are recorded by cameras, telephone calls and card payments, or by actively engaging in social media and searching the internet. Data is now also engrained in 21st century culture, yet the ways that data is organised, used and interpreted are still often unfathomable or almost invisible to the general public, and the issues raised by data for individuals, businesses and governments alike are conflicting and complex to comprehend.
This exhibition also deals with concepts like ‘We Are Data’ which highlights that despite the streams of news stories about data privacy and security, many still leave a digital footprint which is public and can be easily traceable. This was a concept that I found really interesting, specifically I was interested in the ‘We Are Data’ title which I think I will incorporate into the title of my own project. I think it perfectly captures exactly what im trying to portray with my project which is creating awareness that we ourselves are data and that we need to be aware of the negative aspects of sharing and oversharing this data. In other words, making people aware of the Internet as a medium that they’re using.
Somerset House. (2016). Archived Press Releases. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 Oct. 2016].

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