Lecture: Orban Wallace

Orban Wallace discussed his personal experience in starting a production company. Throughout the lecture he showed the journey during which the company progressed and changed over time. They rebranded multiple times and moved location from Lewes to London. Throughout all this, they came to the realization that as a team they were unmanageable and this made their progress even harder because they all wanted to be creators and they didn’t have someone that could just do budgeting and just take charge of the self-promotion. This shed some light into the complications and difficulties that can arise when starting a company, especially when working with close friends.

I think this lecture was very insightful and gave a really interesting perspective into the hardships of the business world. I feel like people often talk about success stories of companies but you never get to hear the backstories of projects that didn’t work out. Thus, hearing about what worked and what didn’t work for his company really made me realize the importance of being able and ready to change and adjust depending on the situation. I could implement that into creating my own project because I want to be able to adjust when unforeseen problems arise such as problems with animations. I think its important to know that throughout this project, problems will definitely arise and that I need to be open enough to adjust in accordance to the problems in order to succeed.

I also think that seeing a Sussex student pursue his dreams of creating visual content and actually succeeded at this is very inspirational. I hope that one day I can say that I have put everything to pursuing my dreams of becoming a visual content creator.


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