Antoine Geiger

“Soul-Sucking” Photos Depict How Modern Technology Is ‘Stealing Souls’

Antoine Geiger’s project outlines how our electronics are sucking the life out of us.  They consume out attention tricking us into thinking it is about affection and all the while distracting us from living our present physical lives. Antonie Geiger said this project was  part of some of the research he is doing in order to better understand this “mass subculture” where we are addicted to screens. He mentioned that we alienate anyone physically around us while we are fooled to think we are really connecting.

However, while I think that this photography project is too literal, which has its negative aspects, at the same time it relates directly to the concepts that I have been exploring so far. Specifically, it relates to concepts like whether technology is stealing our self-identities which was explored by Taylor in a previous post and the distortion of the face, which was also explored earlier. I was looking into portraying that element of covering or blurring the face of a person in my own project and so far I haven’t been able to completely decide on how I want to execute that visually. This project thus provides an interesting resource that I could potentially use in my project.


The Mind Unleashed. (2015). “Soul-Sucking” Photos Depict How Modern Technology Is ‘Stealing Souls’. [online] Available at: [Accessed 30 Oct. 2016].


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