Oversharing: Your Biggest Security Risk Could be You (Infographic)


I found this Infographic that I think reinforces the issues of data oversharing that I have been exploring in the previous posts.  This Infographic points out the incredibly amount of personal information that could be retrieved based on your use of social media. The section that I found the most relevant was the last section which visually displays the ‘data you mean to give’ versus the ‘data you don’t mean to give’. This is applicable to what I have been exploring so far as it highlights, similarly to the Persona Non Data installation, the concept that there is a major issue in the fact that people are not actually aware of how much date they share in their daily life. Thus, this infographic could serve as a statistical research that I could potentially include in my website. Specifically, I am interested in the last statistic that states that ‘55% of young people say that if they could start fresh, they wouldn’t join social media at all’. I think this inspired me to actually find a relevant statistic for my own website because I think I could incorporate that into the educational process of my website.


Digital Guardian. (2016). Oversharing: Your Biggest Security Risk Could be You (Infographic). [online] Available at: https://digitalguardian.com/blog/oversharing-your-biggest-security-risk-could-be-you-infographic [Accessed 25 Nov. 2016].


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