Mapping out Explored Theories

Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 12.53.57 PM.png

To summarize the theories that I have explored so far, I have made a mind map that shows the exact order in which I have explored these theories. Initially, from the brainstorming mind map that I did in week one, I realized that I was interested in the concept of identity and the Internet so :

  1. I started my research for this project with looking at the concept of Identity through the perspectives of  Giddens, Rutherford and Foucault which led me to identify that ‘our identities are being constantly disciplined’. In other words, our identity is subjected and highly susceptible to influence.
  2. I then looked at Zielinki’s theories on of standardization on the web which is seen in the profit motive of online platforms which coopts people to behave in a certain way and persuades them to buy one thing or another. Thus, everything around us has become profit oriented and dependent on power structures that dictate the way people should behave.
  3. After that, I looked at Morozov and his relation to a ‘social beast’ that constantly needs to be fed by data which portrays the state of our current world in which we as a society that constantly uses the Internet and specifically social media sites in our daily lives, and are therefore feeding them more and more of our personal data.
  4. Based on this, I then looked into the concept of self-identity as something that is no longer a self-identity, meaning derived from the self, but rather is an identity projected onto us by popular culture and in no way an accurate reflection of who we really are. Through this research I also identified that the line between person and persona, private and public self become blurred.
  5. The concept of the blurred concept of private and public self inspired me to look into blurring or covering the face as representation of this concept. I therefore looked at the concept that links the human face as a representation of identity. 
  6. To combine these concepts together I looked at Nurse’s theories on Identity Security and Privacy in Cyberspace. 
  7. Finally, i looked at the specific concept of data and privacy in relation to a specific installation.

These theories have helped me develop the issue that I want to address in my project and provided me with necessary information to develop the project coherently.


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