Free Associate Exercise


Blue/ Censorship/International relations/deceit/control of the public/misleading the public/personal gain/illusion of democracy


Red/ that feeling you get/ want to learn everything/involvement/genuine involvement/drive/sharing this with someone/ love


freedom to choose/ inequality/ work inequality/ stereotypes/tradition/old-fashioned


Easily manipulated/brainwashing/greed/personal gain/social events/choreographed dancing/laws/control/consumerism

Famous Persons:

Influence/following/ability to raise awareness/single voice that can be heard in a crowd

Changing the world:

Privacy/ equal opportunities/ technological privacy/ privacy on the internet

Overview and Reflection:

During this class we were given this list of categories and we had to come up with the first words that come up in our mind relating to each category. I think overall, the main words that stood out to me were Censorship, Genuine involvement, Stereotypes, Manipulation, and Privacy. I think without realizing it, I was influenced a lot by the theories that I have been exploring recently that all pertain to the Internet. It was interesting to see that the words that stood out to me all relate to the things that I have been thinking about in relation to my project. This was overall and interesting exercise and I think I am now more confident that I am interested in these concepts and I do want to discuss them and develop them in more detail in my project.


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