Gallery Exhibition: Ewen Spencer


I visited the opening night of this new commissioned project, Kick over the statues by Owen Spencer. According to the information provided, Spencer’s intention is to re-establish a belief in youth tribes and style. These images portray a diverse youth, while ‘celebrating and enhancing the idea of a UK diaspora, through style and cultural background with an association to music and culture that recalls the history of British Subcultures’ (Brighton Photo Biennal, 2016).

I really enjoyed visiting this gallery installation. The large images posted onto billboards created a feeling of being very close and personal with the subjects portrayed. This allowed me to study each part of a photograph more specifically which allowed me to notice subtle details about each subject such as the color of their eyes as well the clothes that they were wearing. I think the overall feeling of actually being in the setting of the photographs was amplified by the music that was playing that night. The music reminded me of something that the people portrayed in the photographs actually listen to. I feel like the audience that attended the show was just as interesting to look at because they all looked aesthetically similar to the people captured in the photographs, they were all very trendy and looked like they were all from various different backgrounds. I only had my phone with me that night but I was very happy that I have managed to capture two teenagers that looked very similar to the person in the photograph, I think they matched the whole aesthetic of the place. This photo captures exactly the kind of audience that was there that night which ultimately enhanced my perception of these pieces.  I think the one thing that I can take away from this installation is that portraying these images in such a large scale made me aware of the medium and allowed me to actually experience the photographs more personally. I think I could implement some form of this into my own project by making the audience aware of the medium.


Brighton Photo Biennial. (2016). Kick over the statues – Brighton Photo Biennial 2016. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Oct. 2016].


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