Lecture: John Marchant (Nan Goldin)

This week we looked at the work of Nan Goldin, a photographer known for her controversial images. The lecture was led by John Marchant, a gallery owner who worked closely with Nan Goldin. The thing that captured my attention the most was when he was talking about the fact that her photographs of teenagers are actually completely unedited. These photographs portray a sense of rawness and authenticity in relation to these teenagers. By using this method, she wasn’t following the rule of photography and just creating content that felt real and representative of her subjects.

Additionally, he mentioned that when he looked at the range of photographs she presented to him, he picked one but she told him it was a good choice but a wrong choice at the same time because the other photograph had an uneven horizon which in the end will be more successful according to Goldin. I think the message he is trying to portray here is that if you do not follow conventions you can gain significant results because it attracts more attention. Her work doesn’t really relate to or address any of the concepts that I have been exploring so far, however this concept of defying conventions was very inspirational. I can relate that to the creation of my project in a sense that I could look into defying specific online conventions such as not having a particular aspect that people expect to see on a website. I hope that I am able to similarly defy conventions with my own project and create something unique.


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