Shadi Ghadirian

Shadi Ghadirian’s photographs ‘draw from her own experiences as a modern woman living within the ancient codes of Shariah law. Her images describe a positive and holistic female identity, humorously taking issue with the traditional roles by which women – both in the Middle East and universally – have been defined’ (Gallery, 2016).

These images grabbed my attention because they seem to be visually similar to the the themes that I have been exploring since the start of this class. Specifically, the themes of blurring/covering the face and the persuasion of advertising companies to consume products. While these images could appear quite literal, I think using kitchen utensils adds humor into the piece which is definitely something positive about these photographs. I also think the fact that you cant see any part of the person behind the blankets, captures the curiosity aspect of the viewer, making them more attracted to these pieces. I do not think I will actually use home utensils in my project but I was really inspired by the use of the blanket to cover an identity. I really want to create something similar in my project. I want to create an ambiguous identity that will force the audience to ask questions in relation to these identities and therefore attract their attention to my website. I also really want to use humor in my website. I think using humor could evoke a lighthearted feeling in the users of my own website, which will capture their curiosity and allow them to lower their guard down against the digital and will intrigue them enough to follow the website and therefore open their mind to the overall theme that i’m trying to portray through my website.


Gallery, S. (2016). Shadi Ghadirian – Artist’s Profile – The Saatchi Gallery. [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 Oct. 2016].


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