Laurence Demaison

In relation to the project that I mentioned earlier about blurring the face, I wanted to look at other artists and creators that have done something visually or conceptually similar. Thus, I found these self portraits by Laurence Demaison. I became really interested in the fact that ‘rather than portraying her body as it was, she sought to conceal, modify, even destroy it and reconstruct it'(, 2016). I think that the concept of modifying the face, a feature that makes us recognizable to others, is something very visually striking and I think has a dramatic impact on the audience, making them question – Who is this woman? Why is her face covered? Is it just one person or are there many women being masked as one? These questions add a sense of mystery that I think I would like to recreate to some extent in my own project. I like the almost disappearing, shadow effect of the face which almost makes her look ghostly and mystical. Maybe I will create some mysterious identity that will guide the users through my website? I definitely want to explore this theme of masking the face and apply that to the aspect of digital data.

Bibliography: (2016). Laurence Demaison Photographer – All About Photo. [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 Oct. 2016].


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