Visual Research- Starting Point




In the previous post I looked at Taylors article ‘Is Technology Stealing Our (Self) Identities?’ in which he mentioned that the private and public self has become blurred or erased completely. This made me think about the project that I have worked on in my free time earlier this year, in which I experimented with different materials and created these pieces. I think they could be a good starting point for my project because I think that the blurring of the faces in each piece, aesthetically, has some interesting visual connotations that I want to explore further. I think this could relate to the concept that we are concerned with how we are portrayed online yet we are also just seen as an ‘IP address’ that is used as a source of data for advertising companies to then target us as consumers and persuading us to buy their products. I think that the constant surveillance and record of the data that we produce could represent the fact that the companies are not actually concerned with who we are as an identity but rather, they are concerned in only manipulating our needs for their own good. Therefore, I feel like blurring the face could act as representation of the fact that our real identity is irrelevant online and that we are simply just an ‘IP address’ used to predict what you will like to buy.


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