Week #1: In-class Reflection

During this class we were asked to get in groups and brainstorm various possible ideas for the creative project. The discussion made me reflect on the general practice-based projects that I have done throughout my two years at Sussex. During my first year I have took a Creative Production class and my final project consisted of geometric shapes formed from a scanned painting that I have painted. I selected parts from it and then edited them on the computer.  My other creative class was Photography- for this project I created final images of people with a stamp on their body.  My third creative class was Interactive Design during which I created a website that used vintage-inspired animations that were implemented in order to bring out the nostalgia towards the ‘old’. Thinking about all of these projects make me realize that all of them have a common theme/aspect which consists of using an old medium and altering it or manipulating it somehow while at the same time combining the old with the new modern technology and modern media. I think that this common theme will be continued into the next project for this class. Even though I do not have a specific project in mind yet, this helps me imagine the potential elements that my new project could have.

We also had to choose a medium with which we wanted to work with for this project. I really enjoyed working with various Adobe Programs in my last Interactive Design class and I feel like I’ve learned a lot in that class and I am really interested in learning even more and becoming more proficient at using programs like Adobe Edge, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Muse. So at this point I think I’ve decided to focus my project on Interactive Web Design.


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