Practical Week 1: Mind Map


During this class we worked on creating a mind map for our final projects. I started once again thinking about the common theme that has emerged throughout my projects at Sussex which is reinventing old traditional media by including it into the new media. I knew that I definitely wanted to experiment and learn more about interactive web design so I knew that I would create an interactive website.

I also started thinking about the current concepts/issues that I am interested in and thus the concept of ‘we are just a number/ we are just an IP address’ emerged. Im really interested in exploring how the internet shapes our online identity. For example, using google as a web browser allows google to construct an identity of who you are such as your gender, your age. It knows all that without any specific consent from the user. Thus, every purchase or every website you look at adds another piece to the ‘puzzle’ of who you are as an individual, in order to then promote tailored products that will interest only you.

This made me think about Amazon and for example, by buying books online your identity is constructed as someone who likes books or someone who is ‘a book worm’. I can imagine that the Internet is creating these creature/these monster out of us by following our activity. I could represent that on my website as an image of a person being stretched out and distorted  with every product that he buys. This could address issues of our consumerist culture because all of this is just done to sell people more stuff and in the end, we are just a unit that needs to be persuaded to buy a product. I feel like this could be the starting point of my research and will hopefully lead me to my final project.


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