Lecture: Lizzie Thynne

Our guest speaker this week was Lizzie Thynne, a film maker who recently released the film- Brighton: Symphony of a City. According to her website this film is a modern take on the classic silent genre of the city film, which explores the ordinary and the extraordinary in the everyday life of the town’s inhabitants. During the lecture, she mainly discussed her work and also commented on the significance of using sound and rhythm to coincide with movement which gives movies a dramatic identity. The music in combination with images allowed her to use shots metaphorically to comment on various aspects of our society.

Overall, I found the lecture interesting as we got the chance to hear about her motivation and intention when making her movie. I think hearing someone else’s creative process  provides an insight that you wouldn’t otherwise experience. She also mentioned that she uses sound instead of voices because she feels that incorporating interviews within a movie is ‘the most unfilmick way to create movies’. Therefore, she tries to stay away from using and incorporating speech in her movies in an effort to make them appear less wordy and more visual. However, while I can see the benefits and impact that visual aspects tends to have on an audience, I don’t necessarily agree that recording people’s voices or creating documentaries with elements of interviews as something that is negative. I think each method has a very different appeal and effect which can resonate differently with the audience and portray something completely different. Adding interviews into a movie creates a more personal and intimate effect that therefore could sometimes resonate more with the audience and have a more dramatic impact. Thus, I believe that both methods have positive and negative aspects to them and one or the other shouldn’t be dismissed.

I think her work does not exactly relate to the things that I’m interested in doing for my project but I still found it interesting to hear Lizzie talk about her film and the inspiration behind it. I think at this beginning stage of our research for our projects it is useful to hear about how other people created their own projects and how their idea came to life as well as how it was realized in the end. I also think that the incorporation of sound and image into her work created quite an impact on me so I am now considering including sound in my website because that could potentially act as a source of attraction for the audience that will grab their attention and make them want to stay on my website longer.


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