Dominic Wilcox -‘The Reinvention of Normal’


During this class we watched a short documentary video about the artist Dominic Wilcox. I found this documentary to be the perfect way to start the year as the creativity and playfulness with which he approaches his artwork is very inspirational and I think its also something that everyone should aspire to. He was talking about a 30 day challenge during which he had to create something new everyday. He also said that in order to do this challenge he had to be more instinct and heart oriented rather than be too analytical. I think that this is a perfect exercise that helps you become more playful with your projects as it helps in trying not to overthink your work. This happens to me all the time and more often then I like to admit, overthinking and over-worrying about my projects leaves me feeling frustrated. I tend to overthink my projects because what usually tends to happen is when one thing doesn’t turn out exactly how I have imagined, I then struggle for weeks to make it perfect. However according to Dominic, this exercise ‘lets you do something ridiculous’ which ultimately ‘reminds us to be creative in a society where all is imagined for us’. These two quotes really resonated with me and inspired me to have a similar outlook on this project. I want to make something creative and playful and allow my mind to imagine something and try realizing it without being to critical of myself. I really hope that I can learn something from him and approach my work with a similar mentality of ‘letting yourself go’ and ‘allowing your work to be experimental’. I think this will help me enjoy the process of creating the project.


I also wanted to make a note of his work that I thought was really interesting. This ‘never shaking hands’ watch really captured my attention. Something about this piece conveys isolation and it made me think about how in today’s society people are so immersed into technology that human interaction sometimes tends to be forgotten or overlooked. So when someone reaches out we could just not notice or choose not to notice. I think maybe this concept of isolation through technology could potentially inspire my own project?


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